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If you're looking to get your short film funded, look no further! Genera Films is the most disruptive short film fund in the world. NO box ticking, NO lengthy application process! With a bunch of perks from our partners! Apply today! 


(Pictured L-R: Maza, Parton, Clarke)

Noel Clarke and Jason Maza's Unstoppable Film and Television have partnered with Genera for the worldwide production of shorts. 

Short films are notoriously difficult to find funding for, so we were immediately excited by what Genera represents – a no strings attached short film funding process, that only offers support to film makers when they require, allowing them to be truly independent,” Clarke and Maza said in a statement. The pair added they hope to “uncover the filmmakers of the future.

Genera's CEO Christian Parton said “I’m really excited to be working with Noel and Jason as their passion and experience for developing and nurturing up and coming filmmakers is the perfect fit for Genera,” he said. “With their support we can continue to fund and support a greater number of films providing a pathway for filmmakers making their way in this industry.


The Genera Approach

Genera is a cost effective and time efficient alternative to funding your short film.

Here is a comparison of Crowdfunding, Film Bodies and Genera:


  • These platforms charge fees approx. 3-9% (For example for £5,000 the fees work out between £150-£450) not to mention the time it takes you to create and promote your campaign. There is also the cost of sending rewards for pledges etc. 

Film Bodies

  • You can expect rounds of auditions and vetting that can last for months. If successful you may even be required to give up creative control. Some also ask for a financial contribution towards the end of the process.


  • There is a one-off submission fee (per project), no hidden fees, no percentages taken, no creative control lost and a simple application process. 
  • Perks – You can take advantage of our partners page. We currently have a growing list of film festivals that offer discounts for submissions – giving you a saving of more than your Genera funding application fee.

We take no creative control; we’ve made sure the submission process is quick and straightforward, our funding is open 365 days a year and we welcome projects at any stage.


At Genera we give YOU the power and the creative control to make your film.

Genera is a family of filmmakers helping each other support the film industry worldwide.


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