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The global film festival circuit is forever expanding. New festivals launch each year with different niches and focuses, in different territories all over the globe. It’s a highly complex and constantly evolving part of the industry that most filmmakers don’t have time to learn about and, consequently, very few are equipped to navigate when their film is ready to enter the circuit.

With over a decade, and counting, of experience and knowledge, as well as a strong professional reputation within the industry, Festival Formula fills a gap in education for those who hope to build their reputation within the film industry. Because of this, we are the leading light for filmmakers across the board regardless of where they are in their career.

We’re a consultancy company that focuses on filmmakers and creatives, with our specialist area being Festival Strategy. We engage with filmmakers and make sure that the budget they have is utilised in the best way possible to gain exposure on the festival circuit. We take assets of the film into consideration such as length, genre, narrative issues and stories in front and behind the camera, and we create bespoke strategies to accommodate them. We're helping filmmakers navigate the worldwide festival circuit and building their presence.

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