Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival

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Global interest in indie cinema from the North of England has always been high. From mainland Europe to the coasts of America - sales agents, distributors and talent managers are on the hunt. Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival is the arena where we pitch professional and student film from the North of England against an international programme from around the world. With the prizes of global screenings and representation at the major film markets, submitting to Manchester Lift-Off is an easy choice.

Not only is our festival a global showcase for filmmakers looking to take that next step, we provide a free service where we take your work to the major film markets AFM, Cannes, Berlin...etc All with the aim to getting your work acquired by distributors.

Lift-Off is in Manchester to capitalise on the opportunities within the filmmaking and media capital of the North of England. The second city of the United Kingdom and an absolute powerhouse in the generation of culture and artistic risk-taking.
Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival. A week-long celebration at the end of March where true independent talent and fresh voices are showcased with the opportunities to have their work gain global exposure. We are not a red carpet celebrity-driven event - this is a film festival designed to find pure filmmaking talent aside from the gloss, putting talent before technology and showcasing only the best in true independent cinema.

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