New York Lift Off Film Festival

About Us

New York is a hub of creative, ambitious and hard working talent. Bursting from it's emergence out of the 20th Century as one of the worlds most recognisable and iconic cities. It is an undeniable powerhouse of independent art, and a city of massive cultural, and business-relevance to the entire film industry.

As Lift-Off looks to build quality audiences around the world - we are looking to NYC as a showcase location that will deliver more opportunities for our filmmakers to build their professional lives.

From talent agencies, sales agents, distributors and the press - New York Lift-Off is the destination for filmmakers looking to build their career, and have the right eyes on their work. The audience feedback in NYC will give filmmakers a unique, quantifiable and intelligent breakdown as to how their work communicates to the bottom line. A great way to test ideas, network to creatively poised potential team members - gaining valuable insight from the right crowd.

The New York Lift-Off Film Festival forms part of the Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network. As the network draws itself closer to industry stakeholders, buyers and key audiences Lift-Off delivers value for the filmmakers we screen - powering home our belief that the industry doors should always be wide open to fresh talent and new ideas.

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