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… to celebrate the spirit of indie filmmaking

The Short Movie Club tries to avoid «the best of the best» way but we don’t ignore it completely, sure. The festival selects fiction, animation, documentary and experimental sections. A jury awards the best film of every section. Nevertheless, the festival provides every submitter with an opportunity to show the film, discuss and get feedback in the case of visiting. The latter films are included into Unpurified Cinema section. Screenings are held at National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Cinema theatre “Pioneer”, Azgur Muzeum, art-galleries.

We are inspired by the idea of “unpurified cinema”. This idea is based on the movie selection problem of short film festivals. Perhaps it’s no surprise one person, i.e. programme director at best, or even students of film schools make a preliminary decision to select a movie. Сoncordance of judges or previewers is more seldom thing than the difference of background, tastes. So selection or judging can be one-sided or perfunctory. These things are made worse because thousands of movies are submitted to the festival.

It is not bad as the programme director has good taste and aesthetic sensitivity, of course. But we’ve discovered another conception of “unpurified cinema” that is matched against “the best of the best” way. This way aids to perceive cinematic idiom without the dictate of art-curators. Any comments, replies and marks are collected during the screenings. We make a survey to understand the cinemania level of the viewers. The programmes consist of films that both created ambivalent impressions and triggered straightforward favourable reactions.

Millions of movies are shot and thousands of short film festivals are held all over the world every year. On average, several thousands of films are submitted to a film festival. So various good films can be neglected for whatever reason. Often selecting probability is like winning a lottery. As a result, filmmakers are left with no feedback. It is a paradox that no one can hear you in an age of the Internet! The mainstream culture prefers attractions and casual viewing.

For this reason, we’d created this “unfiltered cinema” project. Cinema is art but not sport. It aims to promote films unpurified by festivals and producer companies. We collect films and do our best to show programmes to the wide audience at art-centres, cinemas. We compile comments of viewers, cinephiles and experts and send them to filmmakers.

The key point of our project is to establish a communication between the filmmaker and the audience.

The «unfiltered cinema» is long term studying we are realizing since 2007.

The project aims to provide building of Cinema-van mobile library amphibia

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