Vancouver Lift-Off Film Festival

About Us

Since the creation of the Lift-Off Film Festival Network, we have been balled over by the sheer quality that is produced by Canadian true-independent filmmakers. That is why we want to attract Canadian based filmmakers to our network, but also have them programmed with amazing film content from around the world.

Vancouver Lift-Off wants to champion all international work but still have a keen eye on helping the Canadian Indie film community grow and unleash this creative power onto the world via our network!
Not only is our festival a global showcase for filmmakers looking to take that next step, we provide a free service where we take your work to the major film markets AFM, Cannes, Berlin...etc All with the aim to getting your work acquired by distributors.

Our screenings take place at the beautiful Vancity Theatre, which is part of the Vancouver International Film Centre - a perfect spot for showing the best of global independent cinema and a perfect launch pad for international and national filmmakers - drawing in big crowds and a great festival vibe.

Vancouver Lift-Off Film Festival will again be fusing and celebrating the spirit of the Canadian creative mindset - combining it with a full international programme of films from every walk of life. The week-long celebration brings together the indie filmmaking community with a sole focus on the filmmakers, their teams and their achievements. Awards are audience choice where the winners enjoy automatic official selections at the subsequent Lift-Off Global Film Festivals - an answer to distribution at the festival level and the only opportunity for many filmmakers looking to establish a global release for their work.

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