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From its headquarters in London, Genera has been set up to provide an alternative way for short filmmakers worldwide to achieve funding.

The Genera Approach

Genera is a cost effective and time efficient alternative to funding your short film.

Here is a comparison of Crowdfunding, Film Bodies and Genera:


  • These platforms charge fees approx. 3-9% (For example for £5,000 the fees work out between £150-£450) not to mention the time it takes you to create and promote your campaign. There is also the cost of sending rewards for pledges etc. 

Film Bodies

  • You can expect rounds of auditions and vetting that can last for months. If successful you may even be required to give up creative control. Some also ask for a financial contribution towards the end of the process.


  • There is a one-off submission fee (per project), no hidden fees, no percentages taken, no creative control lost and a simple application process. 
  • Perks – You can take advantage of our partners page. We currently have a growing list of film festivals that offer discounts for submissions – giving you a saving of more than your Genera funding application fee.

We take no creative control; we’ve made sure the submission process is quick and straightforward, our funding is open 365 days a year and we welcome projects at any stage.


At Genera we give YOU the power and the creative control to make your film.

Genera is a family of filmmakers helping each other support the film industry worldwide.


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