The Wild Bunch Film Festival

About Us

This Int'l film festival was founded in 2015 by film producer Rock Whitehead and his wife, actress/screenwriter Brenda-Marie Whitehead. It's for the western genre and sub-genres.

Join us for a family fun weekend, and experience a film festival competition in Arizona solely for the western genre! It'll be filled with great indie films, music and fun that will be legendary!

We'll showcase works of western genre films. Our hope is to attract high profile and novice filmmakers so attendees of the festival will enjoy an array of artistic experiences of western films and individuals driven by the true and raw spirit of independent movie making.

The Wild Bunch Film Festival is a competitive event for emerging filmmakers as well as screenwriters in hopes to inspire and encourage them to pursue courageous and bold artistic visions in the western genre. The festival will be known for embracing the heart and spirit of independent western films.

Celebrities will be attending! For more details visit and sign up for our newsletter at to stay informed!

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